Have you ever thought about recording a video and making it popular on YouTube? If you have ever thought about it, the article is very useful because it will share you with the most popular types of Videos on YouTube.

1. How-to Videos

In order to be acknowledged among the large number of videos, you shall provide what people really need. If you are not a talented singer who could surpass other singers on YouTube, then do not try to record your own song on YouTube. According to a recent survey, searching for How-to videos has taken up 70% of all searches. That’s why I strongly recommend you to try this type if it is feasible for you.

2.  Product Review Videos

Based on Google’s statistics, it’s indicated that 62% of customers would watch product review videos before deciding to buy. As is known to all, almost all brands will spend plenty of time and money in marketing a product, among which the most effective way is product review videos. This kind of video goes popular quickly because it provides customers with large information and seems quite influential.

3. Vlogs

Vlogs, i.e. Video blogs, are becoming more and trendier on different social platforms today. Why? The main reason seems to be it is regarded as an online diary. People would like to view something emotional. If you are either conversable or emotional, then I suggest you to try this type.

4.  Gaming Videos

Gaming videos have a large number of followers and foster unparallel engagement. Gaming videos on YouTube keep popular as it helps people to walkthrough and review gaming products. By the way, this is also teenager’s favorite type.

5.   Comedy Videos

Life is filled with ups and downs. When people feel low or have little control in life, they want to search something that could change their mood and make them happy. Even for people who feel good, they would like to view something funny to laugh at. Needless to say, comedy has gained vast majority of audience all the time and people always feel there is not enough of comedy videos. What’s more, they will share it to friends and colleagues spontaneously.
Of course, there are other types of videos that may go popular, but I suggest you to try the above. It will bring you surprising and unexpected popularity.


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